Alleviate the headache of having to integrate with hundreds of different feed formats. Productify automatically apps and standardises the retailers feeds you require. 

From chaos to calm

First we work with you to understand your required product specifications

• minimum image size

• categorisation 

• normalised colours

• required fields

• custom fields

• business logic

Then you provide us with the hit list of retailers you require

We can obtain feeds via direct integrations, affiliate networks, web scraping and more. CSV, JSON, XML, XLS, XLSX, TXT - we work with them all. 

We then import your required feeds into the Productify engine

The feeds are automatically mapped to your attributes and a standardised output across all feeds is provided - irrelevant of their source.

When things break, feeds change or retailers re-platform - we take care of it all. 

Retailers typically provide feeds with varying degrees of accuracy and effort, for example:

After processing in the Productify engine and our smart taxonomy mapping agent (PAUL), the output now looks like this:

Our smart mapping engine looks at all provided data and matches products to over 1,200 attributes

Product mapping process

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You can trust us and our combination of AI, image recognition and manual intervention to ensure that all products are standardised to the highest degree of accuracy.